Rebecca Adlington Swimming Centre

Price List from January 2018

Bonus Card discount applies Monday – Sunday between 09:00 - 16:00
The leisure discount card applies at all other times.

2019 Price Rise Consultation:
Do you pay for activities on a pay-as-you-go basis? Do you have a Leisure Discount Card?
If you have answered ‘yes’ to either of these questions, please take a few minutes to tell us your views on proposed 2019 price increases
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There is a full explanation at the bottom of this page. Thank you.


Fitness Suite






Non Card Holder

Leisure Card

Bonus Card


Adult Fitness Session





Junior Fitness Session





Fitness Classes





Use of the fitness suite is for members and card holders only. Induction required. To find out about becoming a member, visit our membership age.









Non Card Holder

Leisure Card

Bonus Card


Adult Swim





Concessions (junior, student, 60+)





Family Swim (two adults, two children)















Swimming Lessons

Junior Swimming Lessons  
Individual Lesson £5.30 
Direct Debit Non-Contract (per month) £21.50 
Adult Swimming Lessons  
Individual Lesson £6.00 
Direct Debit Non-Contract (per month) £24.50 




Facilities Available for Hire

Main Pool - Club (pool only)£65.80
Main Pool - Non Club (pool only)£90.00
Teaching Pool - Club (pool only)£39.70
Teaching Pool - Non Club£58.00
Sherwood Studio£20.00

Birthday Parties

Main Pool Party£75.00


Car Parking All SitesFREE
Carers All Sites (max 2 per individual)FREE



Price Rise Consultation at Mansfield District Leisure Centres 
Mansfield District Leisure Trust is seeking permission from Mansfield District Council to make some price rises that are above the rate of inflation.
In addition it wants to change the rules about who is entitled to the Leisure Discount Card. These changes are in order to meet increased costs and maintain services.
Before taking a decision, the council wants to explore how the price increases will impact on leisure centre users so it is holding a five-week consultation from 1 December 2018 to 6 January 2019 to find out.
The proposed changes, if agreed by the council in the New Year, would only affect people who pay for leisure centre activities on a ‘pay as you go’ basis.
Users who have memberships and monthly packages for activities, such as health and fitness, swimming and swimming lessons, would not be affected by the changes.
Pool prices
The proposals mainly centre on increasing pool prices and discontinuing the lower reduced service price at the Water Meadows pool when not all of the water flumes are in use.
Prices for swimming at Rebecca Adlington Centre will rise so that they are in line with the competition pool at Water Meadows.
Leisure Discount Cards
The proposals also mean changing the rules about who is entitled to a Leisure Discount Card which gives a £1 discount on all pay-as-you-go activities at all Mansfield district leisure centres. These kinds of activities include, among others, swimming, exercise classes and gym sessions.
At the moment anyone, regardless of where they live, can get the year-long discount card. The proposal is to change this so that only people who live in the district will be eligible for this card.
If the proposed changes take effect, card holders who live outside the district will be able to use their cards until their expiry date but will not be able to renew them. Mansfield residents will still be able to access the card and discount.
Frequently asked questions

What will be the cost of my swim in future?

 Current ChargesProposed Charges
Swimming sessionsNo CardLeisure  CardBonus CardNo CardLeisure  CardBonus Card
Rebecca Adlington centre
Under-18s and over-60s  Rebecca Adlington centre3.052.051.553.502.501.75
Water Meadow fun pool*
Under-18s and over-60s 
Water Meadow fun pool*
Water Meadows competition pool
Under-18s and over-60s
Water Meadows competition pool
* A reduced service price (when not all the flumes are in use) will no longer be available.
Example: For an adult non-resident Leisure Discount Card holder, the Water Meadows fun pool would increase by £1.55, from £4.65 to £6.20 and the competition pool would increase by £1.15, from £3.85 to £5.00.
Example: For an adult Mansfield district resident with Leisure Discount Card, the Water Meadows fun pool would increase by 55p, from £4.65 to £5.20.
Why are proposed price increases steeper for the Rebecca Adlington Swimming Centre than the Water Meadows?

The proposal is to make the price of a swim at the Rebecca Adlington centre the same as the competition pool at the Water Meadows.

When will the changes be introduced?

We do not have an exact timescale yet but if agreed by the Council in the New Year, it is anticipated the changes will take effect sometime between February and April 2019.

What will happen for people who have a Leisure Discount Card but do not live in the district?

They will still be able to use their card and claim the discounts until the card’s expiry date but will not be able to renew the card.

Will Bonus Card holders be affected by the proposed changes?

The rules on who is eligible for a Bonus Card will not be changed and people with the Bonus Card will still receive a 50% discount on all pay-as-go activities at all Mansfield district leisure centres. However, like all as pay-as-you go users, Bonus Card holders will face the increases in pool prices.

Will concessionary rates still be available?

Yes. Lower prices for over-60s and under-18s would still be available for all pay-as-you-go activities.

Why are non-residents losing the discount?

The aim is to minimise the impact of the increases on local residents, who help to fund the leisure centres in the Mansfield district through their Council Tax payments.
If you still have queries please email Mansfield District Council at
You can complete the questionnaire here

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