“I love coming here every week” - The Learn to Swim pathway helping the next generation of swimmers in Mansfield

Sep 05, 2023 |

Swim teachers in the Mansfield area cover the Swim England, Learn to Swim framework, to ensure young people are confident, happy and most importantly, safe in the water.

Jess Daley is a 10-year-old Learn to Swim graduate from Mansfield. Since graduating, Jess now swims out of Water Meadows Leisure Complex competitively for Mansfield Swimming Club.

I started the Learn to Swim programme when I was 4-years old,” Jess said. “Before that me and my mum used to go to Water Meadows for parent and toddler sessions.

“I learnt to swim at Rebecca Adlington Leisure Centre and Paul was my favourite swim teacher there - he pushed me and kept me moving. It’s thanks to him that my favourite stroke is the Butterfly.”

“I now swim for Mansfield Swimming Club at Water Meadows and I love coming here every week.”

Hayley Kirk, Commercial Aquatics Lead, for MORE Leisure Community Trust, said: “Swimming is a vital life skill, and the earlier children get into the pool, the more likely they are to have a positive and safe relationship with the water.

“Jess is a great example of a child who has completed the Swim England learn to swim pathway and has gone on to have an enjoyable time swimming competitively for Mansfield Swimming Club.

“But even if you’re not looking to swim competitively, the Learn to Swim programme is perfect at ensuring the most important thing – that kids are safe in the water.”

We pride ourselves on delivering high quality swimming lessons in a relaxed, fun environment, with fully qualified instructors to help you every splash of the way. We do this by following the Swim England, Learn to Swim pathway.

The Learn to Swim Pathway

  • Stage ONE – helps to build water confidence
  • Stage TWO – develops streamlining of stroke
  • Stage THREE – developing leg kick on front and back
  • Stage FOUR – swimmers perfect their kicks for all four main strokes (front, back, butterfly, breast)
  • Stage FIVE – working more on arm technique for all four main strokes whilst also learning how to tread water
  • Stage SIX – developing stroke technique but also start introducing diving
  • Stage SEVEN – fully developing all four strokes and building stamina

There are then further optional stages which lead to graduates becoming experienced in life saving techniques as well as a Rookie Lifeguard qualification.

The younger a child gets into the water, the more chance they have of having a long and happy relationship with the water. Our Swim England Learn to Swim pathway is perfect for getting young people confident in the water. Sign up to our swimming lessons and get the little one water-ready.