Water Meadows Swimming and Fitness Complex

Swimming Pool Timetable

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Social sessions are for those looking to get enjoyment out of swimming. These sessions enable you to swim with others of similar ability and are a great way to meet like-minded swimmers.


Family sessions have been specifically designed for those with children.  The Family sessions offer a calm and enjoyable atmosphere for young and old alike - the perfect family day out.



Swimming and Classes

Swimming is an excellent all round form of exercise working all of the major muscle groups - which means that the whole body gets a good workout!  It's an effective fat burning exercise and a great way to tone up!

Studies* have shown that going for a regular swim can be as good for you as going for a regular run. A gentle 30 minute swim can burn over 250 calories(*Swim England).

If you’d like to build confidence in the water, learn to swim, or join a class, we have a variety of sessions available in our 25m competition pool, for all ages and abilities, including;

·         Children’s Lessons

·         Aqua Fit classes

·         NPLQ Lifeguard courses

·         Hire the Pool; available to swimming clubs and associations

·         Swimming Galas

·         School Swimming









Contact us

In person: Water Meadows Swimming and Fitness Complex, Titchfield Park, Bath Street, Mansfield Nottinghamshire, NG18 1BA

Phone: 0345 0000 232

Via Facebook: www.facebook.com/watermeadows




If you swim more than once a week, you could benefit from our Swim Only membership.



Admissions Policy

Mansfield District Leisure Trust reserve the right to refuse admission to or reject from the facility, anyone failing to adhere to  the above or persistent failure to comply with our rules.

Leisure and Competition Swimming Pools
Unsuitable Swimwear and Swimming Pool Aids
Acceptable Swimming Attire
Gym Users Admissions Policy

Leisure & Competition Swimming Pools Admissions Policy

  • All children under 4 years of age must be supervised by an adult on a ratio of 1:1.Children from 4-7 years can be supervised on a ratio of 2 per adult. If you have a child under 4 AND a child between4-7, you would require 2 adults to supervise in the water. An adult is classed as 16 years and above for supervision purposes. The adult must remain within arms reach of the child and must wear appropriate swimming attire. A series of 'Risk Assessments' have been conducted for each individual swimming session within out programme and certain sessions have been identified where a discretion on the ratio of adults to children may be exercised without compromising safety.
  • All “non” swimmers must wear approved swimming aids such as armbands.
  • All “non” and “weak” swimmers are restricted to the designated shallow areas of the swimming pool.
  • All swimmers must inform a lifeguard if they suffer from any illness or disability which may affect their ability to swim. All swimmers should always swim within their own abilities and are requested to inform the Duty Manager of any specialist assistance they may require in advance of their visit.
  • An adult is classed as 16 years or over. Mansfield District Leisure Trust staff has the right to ask for proof of age.
  • Customers are not permitted to use cameras, camera phones or any other image capture equipment.
  • Customers with open sores or wounds will not be permitted to bathe.
  • When customers are issued with a wrist band it must be worn at all times, bathers without a band may be asked to leave the pool.
  • Customers under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be refused admission to the centre.
  • Up to two carers accompanying a paying disabled person will be allowed free admission, however the carers must accompany them at all times. Mansfield District Leisure Trust staff has the right to ask for proof.

Unsuitable Swimwear and swimming pool aids

  • Cut-off jeans, or three quarter trousers are not permitted in the pools.
  • T-shirts/vests are not permitted in our pools for health and safety reasons.
  • Swimwear which contains zips and studs is not permitted on the slides.
  • Wet suits.
  • Facemasks, snorkels, flippers and hand paddles are not permitted in the pools, during public sessions.

Acceptable Swimming Attire

Mansfield District Leisure Trust are committed to providing a sensitive approach to individual customer needs. We have, therefore, designed the following policy on acceptable swimwear. However due to some of the swim wear you may be restricted to shallow water and not be allowed on to the water slides.

  • Swimming trunks, sports shorts above the knee, swimming costumes, bikinis, & tankini may be worn.
  • Tight rash vest tops designated for swimming as illustrated below. Item can be purchased from the shop at the facility.
  • Tight full-body swimwear may also be worn.
  • Religious/modesty swimwear is permitted, providing it is suitable for an indoor pool environment. 

Gym Users Admissions Policy

All gym users are required to complete a gym induction before using any equipment.
Children aged 12–13 years may use the gym accompanied by an adult once a full induction has been completed.
Children aged 14-15 years may use the gym when a fitness instructor is on duty and once a full induction has been completed.
All Under-16s must be accompanied by an adult for the duration of their gym induction.
Sports clothing and training shoes must be worn at all times.
If you become pregnant you are advised to seek medical advice regarding your current exercise programme.
Please bring a towel with you and wipe equipment down after use.  These are available for sale at Reception.