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Swimming Pool

Swimming is an excellent all round form of exercise working all of the major muscle groups - which means that the whole body gets a good workout!  It's an effective fat burning exercise and a great way to tone up!  Studies have shown that going for a regular swim can be as good for you as going for a regular run.  A gentle 30 minute swim can burn over 250 calories*.
*Source: Amateur Swimming Association (ASA)

At Water Meadows Swimming and Fitness Complex, there are a variety of sessions available in our 25m competition pool and in all of them you are able to workout at your own pace. Sessions are available for all ages and abilities.  Please see the descriptions on the right to find the sessions that suit you.

The leisure pool has fantastic water features including rapids, water cannons and a wave machine with artificialwaves created for the swimming pool that simulates waves rolling onto a beach from the sea.  The rapids are fast and furious, and the pool water is channelled down a canyon in the pool like a fast flowing river which creates astrong current in the pool.

Other features include:
50m twister ride:  A white knuckle ride, combining 6 seconds of thrills, spills and screams that take riders through a breathtaking flume of twists, turns and steep chutes. 
Suitable for ages 8 and over.  Under 8's may ride with an adult.

Mighty falling rapids:  A real family experience as several people descend down the rapids together.  The fast drop starts at the highest point of the building and plunges you down at high speed via a sharp bend. 
Suitable for ages 8 and over. Under 8's may ride with an adult.

Fast drop flume:  How fast dare you go before you splash into the waters below?  The fastest water ride in the area!
Suitable for ages 8 and over.

Water cannons:  If all the rides aren't enough fun for you, watch out for hthe explosive water cannons. Are you smart enough to dodge them?


If you would like to build your water confidence or need to learn to swim, swimming lessons are available for adults and children. Please click on the link below for full details.


If you swim more than once a week, you could benefit from our Swim Only membership. 


The Big Splash

Water Meadows Swimming and Fitness Complex is working with British Swimming and the BBC to get the UK into the pool in a celebration of swimming called the Big Splash, this is your invitation to join us. Come on in, the water's lovely!

The Big Splash seeks to encourage new people into the pool and help those who already swim to have more fun more often.

It is the world's biggest celebration of swimming stretching 10 months. Some of your favourite BBC faces will be taking part, so keep an eye out on TV, radio and online.

Get involved today and start making a Big Splash.