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Guarantee your place in your favourite activity up to 8 days ahead by becoming a booking member. Registration is simple and completely free!


Leisure Card

The Leisure Card provides users of the leisure centres discounts off the prices of a range of activities at the leisure centres.

What is the leisure discount card?

There are 2 types of card available to Mansfield distric residents only

  • The Leisure Discount card provides a £1 discount on a number of activities
  • The Leisure Bonus card is only available to residents of the district who meet the concessionary criteria, and allows the holder up to a 50% discount on the standard leisure centre prices.

If you use the facilities regularly, you could benefit from becoming a health and fitness member.

As well as these benefits, you will be providing Mansfield District Leisure Trust and Mansfield District Council with valuable information which will help us to improve and develop leisure services and facilities.

What does it cost?

  • The leisure card costs just £2 for the year and saves you £1 on each activity. 
  • The bonus card costs you just £1 for 6 months and entitles you up to a 50% discount on the standard leisure centre prices.

Children's applications

Children over the age of 4 must apply for their own card. The form has a signature box for the child's parent or guardian to countersign.

Do I qualify for an ultimate bonus card?

To get your bonus card you must be a resident of Mansfield district and:

  • Receiving job seekers allowance
  • On an employment training scheme
  • Receiving income support (also known as minimum income guarantee)
  • Receiving working tax credit
  • Receiving incapacity benefit
  • Employment and Support Allowance
  • Receiving disability living allowance (Personal Independence Payment)
  • Receiving industrial disablement benefit
  • Receiving working tax credit: disability credit element
  • Receiving war disablement pension
  • Armed Forces Compensation Scheme
  • Receiving severe disablement allowance
  • A senior citizen (over 60)
  • A full time student over 16

Adult dependants and children of those who qualify may also get a bonus card.

The Bonus Card discount applies Monday – Sunday between the times of 9am – 4pm, at other times you will pay the leisure discount card price.