The Oak Tree Zumba Instructor Getting Mansfield Moving!

Mar 02, 2024 | News

A fitness instructor at Oak Tree Leisure Centre is proving a huge hit with her popular Zumba classes!

Rachel Blanche, 37, has years of professional dance experience and is now using it to get the people of Mansfield moving with a fun fitness concept!

Zumba is a fitness class inspired by Latin dance and Rachel loves teaching it at Oak Tree. She said: “Zumba has been booming in popularity over the past 10 years - I choose the music, create the steps and then teach the steps through the sessions - it’s keeping fit but without even knowing it!”

Rachel has been dancing her whole life but only got into teaching a couple of years ago.

“One of the teachers here went on maternity leave and they asked me to take over and lead the class. I loved it so much that I became fully qualified, and the class has just gone from strength to strength.”

There are three Zumba classes hosted weekly at Oak Tree Leisure Centre; Thursday morning, Thursday evening and Saturday morning, and Rachel has a feeling she knows why members keep coming back.

“I make varied routines and I play songs that people know - songs they’d listen to at home.

“I incorporate different styles and different rhythms and I follow whatever the members want – some instructors do their own thing, which is fine, but I like to give the members a say in what we do.

“I make more work for myself when coming up with new routines. I think that variation is what keeps people coming back. We have people that have been coming for a long time, but each class is like their first because there will be a new routine, new steps, and new music to learn.”

Zumba originated in Colombia and has gained popularity across the globe, and Rachel is sure on the benefits.

“It’s a great cardiovascular workout and it’s really low impact so there’s not major strain on your joints. It’s fantastic because you’re exercising but you don’t feel like you are because you’re having fun with likeminded people.

“You get to socialise; some people won’t properly socialise for the rest of the week, so it gives members a chance to have that sense of belonging. And it’s great that it’s based at a community centre like Oak Tree.”

The members of Oak Tree Leisure Centre have created a supportive and welcoming environment. Join a fitness class with Rachel and our other fantastic instructors and have fun whilst getting fit. Book your place here.